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?It was a dark, rainy night; the cloud shrouded moon shone dimly overhead, as you stared into the depths of your computer screen to read, welcome to!

Goosebumps is your computer portal to the supernatural.

From Ghost Stories to Vampires, travel tips to the Most Haunted Places in America, to ideas for your dogs Halloween Costume, is your place for the strange, unexpected, and creepy.

Looking for good Campfire Stories to tell at the next scouting trip – look no further. Our story page has tons of creepy tails of the supernatural and surreal, guaranteed to send your little campers running from their smores! From the urban legend of Bloody Mary to wild tales of bloodshed in the woods, Goosebumps has a story for every level of fear, from slumber party slashers to good old fashioned ghost stories.

And if ghosts are your favorite fear, check out our section on the Most Haunted Places in America. Here, you will find a guide to great places that you will be dying to visit, around your state, and around the country. Haunted cemeteries and mansions abound in our great nation, and no state is at a loss for other worldly happenings. Train station phantoms, monsters in the woods, bats in the belfry – you will certainly find the creepy place of your traveling dreams in this section.

If blood suckers are more your style, look no further than Vampire Stories. This section is full of everything vampire. We are not talking about your pop-culture Dracula, Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but rather terrifying stories of eternal torment and blood lust, fang-filled orgy’s and evil creatures of the night.

Looking for something creepy that you can actually bring to life? When the All Hallow’s Eve is near, our section on Halloween Costumes can help make you the hit of the party. Pictures and stories abound, giving you all the suggestions you need to chose the most frightening or funny costume, the most hip and timely puns, and even the best ideas to dress your pooch This site will ensure that your costume is the most amazing, getting you the most candy, winning you the biggest prize or netting you the hottest person at the party!

From the light hearted to the faint hearted, has it all! Start your journey in to terror here!