Most Haunted Places

 Some of the places in the world today that are considered to be haunted locations with strange sights and sounds are still scary even by adult standards.

Kids and imagination meet head on whenever the subject of haunted places comes up. As children, it seems every kid in the U.S. has heard a few spooky stories about a haunted house, or other scary place in their own neighborhood. Once the kids get a little older and their imaginations settle down a bit, those spooky old houses may not hold the same mystery and appeal as they once did. However, there are a few places in the world today that are considered haunted places even by adult standards. Places like old graveyards, deserted factories, and abandoned mental institutions can be scary places in the middle of the night no matter how old you are.

When legend meets imagination, it is hard to prove that there are no such things as ghosts and the haunted places that they frequent can definitely be unnerving if you believe that spirits and goblins walk the Earth at night. Any place that gets a reputation as being truly haunted usually earned the label due to a long history of unexplained occurrences and strange sights and sounds, or worse. Some of the scariest places on Earth have long been the subject of mystery and repeated unexplained phenomena that are impossible to explain unless you’re willing to admit that they just might really be haunted after all. Here’s a list of five of the “most haunted” places known in the world today, places where no one wants to hang around at midnight, especially young kids.

The Tower of London, London
No list of haunted locations would be complete with mentioning the Tower of London, where ghost sightings have been reported for hundreds of years. The Tower is part of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace on the banks of the River Thames, but the Tower Fortress, has also been the site of many public beheadings and hangings over the centuries. The most famous ghost haunting the Tower is said to be one of the wives of Henry the VIII, Ann Boleyn, who was beheaded in the Tower back in 1536. Many Tower visitors have reported seeing Ann Boleyn walking the halls of the Tower, and sometimes carrying her own head.

The Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia
Here on this side of the Atlantic, the old penitentiary in Philadelphia has been called haunted for over 100 years. The spooky old buildings at Eastern State were once employed as the world’s first true penitentiary system and the home of many unhappy residents who were the first prisoners in the U.S. to experience organized solitary confinement along with other draconian punishments. It is said the ghosts of hundreds of prisoners who died while confined there in the 1800’s still roam the place. These days, even modern ghost-busting television investigation teams have been hard pressed to come up with logical explanations for what some have called “the most evil place in the U.S.”

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky
The Waverly is an old tuberculosis hospital from the 1920’s that has been the location of many strange sights and sounds over the years and has also been the focus of modern day investigations into the unearthly as well. Several TV shows have visited the Waverly to investigate eerie phenomena like screams in the night accompanied by elusive shadows and other apparitions, earning it the reputation as one of the “most haunted” hospitals in the United States today.

The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana
Dating back to 1796, the Myrtles Plantation has a dark history and is said to be the home of 12 different active ghosts to this day. At least one murder has been documented as taking place at the Myrtles, and another 10 are claimed, and the strange sightings and odd sounds are still thought to be connected with those deaths today, earning the old plantation the status as one of America’s longest continually haunted homes.

The Queen Mary, California
Although it is not exactly a haunted house, the retired RMS Queen Mary ocean liner now sits in Long Beach, California where it has been turned into a permanent floating hotel that has been the site of many ghost sightings since 1967. Once a luxury liner that was turned into a troop transport ship during World War II, the Queen Mary has a rich and varied history that only adds more mystery to its checkered past. Visitors still see ghosts in the hallways and maze-like compartments, and there is no shortage of eerie sounds to go along with them as people on the ship today still regularly report hearing strange sounds with plenty of strange sights to accompany them.